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The great Facebook messaging merger: what this means for marketing

Editorial photo credit: BigTunaOnline / Shutterstock.com

Few campgrounds that we work with have begun to take advantage of the marketing power of live chat. You might answer private messages on your Facebook page, which is essentially the same thing as Facebook Messenger, but you are waiting for people to come to you in that scenario.

We’ll be publishing an article soon that focuses on how you can take advantage of live chat for your RV park, but the key first benefit is better customer service. There is still a hesitancy on the part of campground owners to embrace social media for your campground and all the instant communication tools that come with it.

Simply being available for your customers where they want to ask questions, and doing that in a way that doesn’t cause an undue burden, is pretty powerful. We already live in an age where embracing the simplest piece of technology can give you a large advantage over your competition.

Now, Facebook is looking at ways to integrate all that messaging together. What that means for campgrounds is that you’ll likely be able to provide customer service across all the platforms owned by Facebook without having multiple different applications on your phone. Better for you and better for the customer.

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