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Call Tracking For RV Parks

Understand Why People Are Calling Your RV Park

Take the unknown out of your advertising. Find out how to prove ROI and make sure that the money you are spending is worthwhile. Be confident you are making money.


Call Tracking Bundle

Per Month


  • Eight tracking numbers you can use anywhere. We'll use four of them on your website to track visitors but the other four can be used anywhere else. Print ads, billboards, social media, really anywhere.
  • Perfect for tracking all your website traffic Just like Google Analytics, we can show you what websites are sending traffic to you and resulting in phone calls.
  • Includes access to our call tracking dashboard. See everyone who has called all in one place, listen to recordings, view detailed reports, and so much more.
  • Includes recording options, call flow, much more. Additional options include automatic transcription of all calls, monitoring for keywords, and advanced call flows, plus custom greetings!
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You spend thousands of dollars each year on advertising, and there is no shortage of companies who are trying to convince you to spend it with them. While many RV Park owners are focused on trying to determine if social media is worthwhile, they often lose sight of whether their traditional advertising methods are working as well.

When a company that has been in the campground industry for decades contacts you and tries to sell advertising for upwards of $5,000 a year, shouldn’t you expect that you will be able to determine if that investment was worthwhile?

When you reach out to a local printer to design 10,000 brochures that will you spread across the state in rest stops and other campgrounds, is it too much to ask that you are aware when those brochures have led to more reservations?

It has been assumed for years that there is no reliable way to track some of the more traditional offline advertising methods, but that is a myth. Surely it would be beneficial to these advertising companies to prove how much business they are giving you? Unless of course those numbers don’t add up and you should be investing your money elsewhere.

This is not a judgment article intended to pick on anyone, though. We are not here to pick winners or losers, nor are we here to tell you where to spend your advertising dollars. We are here to tell you that no matter the method, most of it can be tracked easily.

Call Tracking For RV Parks

You probably don’t need a definition of the words call tracking. Although you will likely want to work with a marketing company such as Insider Perks to help you deploy any robust call tracking solution, the reality is that this is relatively easy to implement.

A call tracking number is typically a secondary virtual number that we will obtain for a campground owner in the same area code where his park is located. We will then have that number automatically forward to their existing RV Park phone number, so there is nothing else to do on their end except answer the phone as they always do.

For the camper who is provided with the call tracking number, they notice nothing. It rings at the campground without any delay or connecting message, and their questions are answered exactly as they would be if they had called the direct number of the park.

What Else Does Call Tracking Offer?

It is the next step beyond simply setting up the number where call tracking shines. You now have an extensive record of everyone who calls that number, how long they spent on the phone talking to the campground, where they call from and much more.

You can even record conversations and analyze them for keywords or use live call monitoring to see what type of customer service your employees are providing. You can also access those recordings later to point out ways in which they can improve.

Most of all, though, call tracking allows you to generate as many different local numbers as you want and then use those numbers to justify where you spend advertising money.

Using Call Tracking For Print Advertising

Back to our original goal of tracking print advertising for your RV Park, though. By now you should be aware of the potential of this and see the possibilities. We’ll expand on this a little further, though, so you can understand the scope of all of this.

You can have one tracking number for your business cards and see exactly how many people called by seeing one of your business cards. You can put another tracking number on your brochures and see how many calls came in because of those.

We could keep going, but I think you get the idea. Then, at the end of each year, you can look back through all this data and determine a couple of valuable things.

  • Did my brochures generate enough calls to print them next year?
  • Did my advertising with this company result in any phone calls for bookings?
  • Am I wasting my time by passing out business cards at trade shows?

If a guest is willing to pick up the phone and call you, they are likely almost 75% of the way towards booking a stay at your RV Park. It is quite simply the best way we have to track traditional advertising in the digital age, and one every RV Park owner should be using.