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Reputation Management

Your Campground’s Online Reputation Matters

You can ignore reviews, but the only person who loses will be you. Instead, turn them into marketing opportunities and show how much you care. Tell your story.


Reputation Management

Per Month


  • Monitor your online reviews from one place Review from Facebook, Google, TripAdvisor, and Yelp will all show on the same page in your dashboard. No longer will you have to track each one down separately.
  • Respond quickly to Google and Facebook reviews Using a direct integration with Google and Facebook, you can respond to reviews here without leaving the dashboard. These will be posted instantly as soon as you click the button.
  • Learn how your business is listed across the internet Making sure the information about your campground is consistent across dozens of different sites will help your ranking in Google search results.
  • Never miss a mention of your business anywhere online Our software will regularly scan the entire internet to watch for mentions of your campground name or any other keywords you specify in settings.
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Your reputation means everything. It should be the single most important aspect of your marketing efforts for your campground. Why? Because every single guest and potential guest will look at it before they arrive. It could come in the form of reviews, presence, social media, your website design and dozens of other items.

Imagine that you and your significant other are out for dinner. As your food is served, you overhead a conversation between two friends who just sat down nearby. To your surprise, they are discussing your campground. It’s mostly a good conversation, and they speak highly of your activities, amenities, and facilities. Near the end, though, you hear one of the friends say that they are not sure they will go back because the staff member who checked them in was pretty rude and arrogant. It’s a shame they say because they loved the place.

As the owner, overhearing this conversation of a guest who plans to stay elsewhere, can you ever imagine a scenario where you don’t get up and walk over? A situation where you don’t extend your hand, introduce yourself and apologize profusely for what happened? There is a better than average chance that just by saying you are sorry, they will strongly consider coming back to give your park another chance.

You wouldn’t ignore them, would you? You wouldn’t stand up and walk over to start arguing with them about how your staff is the best in the world, and they are liars, would you?

So considering how you would respond to the above, to a customer who is discussing your business in front of others and affecting their decisions, why would you react any different on social media or a review site then you would if you were sitting in that restaurant?

How Can Insider Perks Improve Your Reputation?

As a campground owner, we know your time is valuable. Many of you are running the front desk, escorting guests to their site, planning activities or cleaning the bathrooms. In the course of a single day, keeping track of all the new reviews alone is tough. Then you have to read all those reviews, stay objective, don’t get angry and respond professionally. It’s one of the biggest challenges you face as you move into a new era of marketing.

You could ignore it, but that doesn’t make it go away. No more than ignoring the friends sitting at the table above would have made them suddenly decide to come back. No matter how you choose to react or not react, people will still talk about you online. The question is quite simply whether you will be a part of that conversation. It’s not a negative conversation, in fact, overwhelmingly it is a positive conversation. It turns out that treating your customers how you would expect to be treated at a business is a good recipe for success.

We can help you keep an eye on your reputation and even help you respond to reviews, so you can focus on running your campground. We’ll monitor sites like TripAdvisor, Facebook, Google, Yelp and even RV Park Reviews. Plus, we’ll make sure to let you know if we see anything important and we’ll work together to make every response personal.

Campgrounds are what we focus on; it’s our area of expertise. In fact, we work with over 100 different parks all over the United States. From smaller independent parks to large franchise parks with resort style amenities, we can help everyone succeed.