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Social Marketing For RV Parks

Social Media Marketing For Your Campground

Save time by using one place to post on all of your social media accounts. Create, schedule, and publish your content with one click across Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and more.


Social Media Marketing

Per Month


  • Cloud-based software to help you save time Post to all of your social media networks and manage the comments from several of them with a single website.
  • Post directly to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram No need to leave our dashboard to post to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and more.
  • Monitor for social conversations about your park. Listen to what people are saying about your campground on social media and search for keywords on Twitter.
  • Schedule posts in advance, drafts, calendars, more. Plan months in advance so you aren't worrying about this during the busy summer camping season.
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You have heard all of this before. It might have been at a trade show for campgrounds, perhaps one specifically geared toward KOA franchisees, one for Yogi Bear Jellystone Parks or one like the annual event held by ARVC for campground owners. Perhaps your kids mentioned it repeatedly when you complained business was slower than normal, or a good friend who owns another campground touted his success with it.

Either way, I’m not going to tell you anything new about social media.

By now you should know that you can find new campers this way and entice them to stay with you by sharing timely updates about your campground. You should know that guests don’t want to be sold, they want to be a part of the experience. They’ll share your deals, those pictures of your brand new cabin and the new playground your just built.

You can keep them coming back to see the special weekends you have planned or the upcoming daily activities for the dates they will be camping with you. You can share things that aren’t even about your park, cool new camping inventions or tips about their rig. The possibilities are literally endless if you can find the time to do it.

The truth is that most campground owners really don’t have the extra time. If they do, it’s something they either don’t know how to do or simply don’t want to do. It’s simple to build a new bathhouse or assemble a playground, but sitting down in front of the computer? It’s perfectly fine to not have any interest in that, but you have to find someone else who does.

Our social media marketing software is tailored specifically for campground owners. It’s easy to use and will help you post to Facebook, Google, and Twitter without any hassle. You will be able to schedule posts in advance, generate new leads and respond to guests.

If you are ready to take the next step, our team can have a one-on-one personal conversation with you to discuss customized local posts for your campground. We’ll ask what kind of things you want to share such as local attractions, special deals or even just a simple holiday greeting to let your guests know you care. Then we’ll create exclusive content that only shows up on your social media profiles.

You live in a world where a single post or a single comment can be the difference between someone staying at your campground or staying at your competition. If you have the ability to take the advantage away from everyone else, why would you ignore that?