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Website SEO For Campgrounds

What is SEO?

Search Engine Optimization. It’s basically how you tell Google and other search engines what your website is about, so they can help you reach the people you want to reach online.

SEO means a lot of things to a lot of people. What we do at Insider Perks is focused on two things: First, the basics of making sure your website is designed in a way that Google prefers and then moving on to more advanced methods to help you outrank competitors.

How hard this depends on your goals. Do you simply want to be found online or do you want to rank higher than everyone else?

Before we get into some brief education, if you aren’t interested in learning anything about SEO and simply want to hire Insider Perks to do it for you, chat with us in the bottom left corner. Your best path forward is to have us design a campground website for you that includes all of our SEO services for free. But, in some cases we can also help improve existing sites too.

Quick Education on Campground & RV Park SEO

We could talk about search engine optimization for days or even weeks. The topic is literally endless, with new ways to improve coming out almost daily and Google/Bing constantly changing how they rank websites and what they look for. So, instead of diving into that maze of changes, let’s take a brief look at some of the most important fundamentals you need for great results.

Before we even discuss what your website looks like or the content on it, we need to discuss speed. How fast your website loads and the overall user experience will impact how you rank in search engines. If your website hosting bill is less than $10/month or $120/year then you probably have room for some instant improvement here without even touching your website design. Beyond that, speed is also impacted by the code behind your website, if it is organized and maintained properly, how many images or videos you have on your campground website and a number of other things. Bottom line, make sure it loads in less than a few seconds.

How your website looks is almost meaningless to Google, other than it should be responsive and look perfect on mobile devices. You want to make your website look beautiful so that potential guests will make a reservation, but you are doing that for revenue, not SEO. 

Otherwise, make your website as comprehensive as your customer needs and Google is smart enough today to take the information you provide and decide fairly automatically where to show you in search results. Don’t worry about stuffing your website text full of keywords that someone told you needed to be on each page 3.2 times or else. Those days are in the past. Write for humans.

And that’s it on the most basic level. User experience, which covers speed, design, navigation, and content is a great start. If you want to get even more advanced there are quite a few ways that would take a much longer article to explain. We would encourage you to learn as much as you want, but remember that this is complicated, so decide for yourself if learning or hiring someone else is best.