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Cybersecurity in SEO: How website security affects SEO performance

When you are thinking about having a new website designed for your campground, the last thing on your mind is probably security. So much emphasis goes into how a website looks, that marketing agencies often struggle to communicate with clients how much work goes on behind the scenes that they don’t see.

Today I want to focus on security, though. If paying an agency for ongoing website maintenance could improve how your RV park ranks against your competitors, would that cost all of a sudden seem more reasonable? Would the annoyance of picking a longer password or using two-factor authentication become acceptable like airport security has?

Every single client we design a website for has a security firewall enabled by default. When we register domain names we mask them for privacy, and when we setup website hosting for your campground we always try to mask where everything actually resides. All those things and more help prevent bots and hackers from getting into your website.

You might wonder why someone would want access to your RV park website, but there aren’t always clearly defined reasons. We see hundreds of bots attempting to access the smallest of campground websites every single month. It doesn’t matter why they want access, though, it only matters that your business is being protected.

Website security — or lack thereof — can directly impact your SEO performance. Search specialists can grow complacent. Marketers often get locked into a perception of what SEO is and begin to overlook what SEO should be. The industry has long questioned the permanent impact a website hack can […]

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