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Digital Customer Service For Your RV Park

Customer service is about solving the problems of your customers. Now, campgrounds and RV Parks have to manage customer service across multiple channels. When people have a negative experience online, they blame the business. Not responding to customers on review sites and social media is worse than having a phone line that goes unanswered because there are thousands of people witnessing the neglect.

Customer service is the responsibility of everyone at your RV Park. Building and maintaining your brand and reputation means consistency and maintaining effective customer relationships.


The ten cornerstones to success in digital customer service

1. Respond to reviews quickly

When customers take time to leave your campground a review, it’s essential to respond promptly. Nearly nine in ten consumers read online reviews to determine the credibility of a business, and it’s important they see that the business has an active, responsive voice. Other people who visit the review site see the response, and it’s possible those people could share the review and response with their own networks. Your campground should acknowledge all reviews, whether positive or negative. The only exception to this is star-only rating reviews, which appear on Facebook and a few other top review sites.


2. Provide a consistent experience

Your RV Park needs to make sure that throughout the entire experience, that your customers are having positive interactions. The same story should resonate throughout your customer service efforts, and that story should be customer-centric.

Apple is an example of a company that provides a consistent experience throughout their customer funnel. From their website with its sleek, minimalist design to the simple and elegant phone you take home, the Apple products and website offer a cohesive experience.


3. Experience your customer journey

Many businesses follow a similar workflow—create an account on one social platform, add chat integration to the website, build a blog, expand offerings, etc. While this is the most common way to build out a business, it doesn’t always create the most seamless customer journey. Go through your buyer’s process. Search for yourself online, look at the website content, sign up for the newsletter, etc. Note any bumps and bruises you find along the way and how you can make the whole experience your RV Park provides more cohesive.


4. Use social media as a two-way street

Perhaps the best thing about social media is that it puts customers and businesses on the same playing field. While social media can be tiresome, let’s be sure we don’t ruin one of the best things about it—the fact that consumers can have conversations with businesses like your campground. Share helpful content, engage with consumers, and occasionally share promotional info about your campground. Asking questions, holding competitions and sharing content relevant to your audience are all good ways to engage with consumers. Don’t just talk, listen.


5. Have a high performing website

People visiting your website are not patient, so your campground needs to have a web page and assets that load quickly. Nearly 50% of consumers expect a page to load in two seconds or less―anything longer than that, consumers start dropping off. The abandonment rate for viewers waiting to start up a video is a steady curve up and to the right. When website visitors have a poor experience on a company website, they blame the company, not Google, wifi issues, or whatever else may be the problem.


6. Open communication and transparency

Customers can detect sales-y language from a mile away. It’s best to be direct about your offerings, and even your shortcomings. Nail your sales approach and provide customers with the information they’re looking for. Even if you are unable to solve every problem your customers have, they’ll appreciate your honesty and will be less likely to leave. Set your brand voice, share your truths. Transparency can go a long way!


7. Get your listings right

Having a thorough understanding of listings is essential in the digital space. Getting business listing information accurate (name, address, and phone number) across the web, though, is one of the most important things your RV Park can do to create a better digital customer service experience. There are many important directories and listing sites. Also, having correct listings with the four major data aggregators (Factual, Acxiom, Neustar-Localeze, and Infogroup) is one of the keys to disseminating accurate listing data across the web.


8. Positive attitude

The power of a positive attitude and its influence on customers should never be underestimated. Optimism is a cornerstone of customer service. Small changes in language and wording can make a significant impact on customers:

  • Option one: I’m sorry, we won’t have our new swimming pool open until next month.
  • Option two: Our swimming pool will be open at the beginning of next month! Our team is hard at work on a few other awesome amenities that we know will make your camping experience even better.

Abrasive or abrupt language is very off-putting in customer service, even if it is not directly rude or negative.


9. Use email effectively

Make sure when you email your campground customers that you have something to say. The communication should be timely, relevant and helpful. Having a compelling call to action is essential—give them a reason to read and engage with the email. An automated newsletter is fine and can be an excellent piece of communication, but never have a do not reply email.


The heart of digital customer service (number 10)

Your customers may say they want the best product, and that they want it at the best price. While that is true, what they want most is authenticity. Authenticity is delivering on a promise. Authenticity is consistency. Authenticity is digital customer service.

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