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Is Google Maps what augmented reality has been waiting for?

Editorial photo credit: AngieYeoh / Shutterstock.com

Stay with me campground owners, I promise I will explain this as easily as I can. One of the main things we focuses on is making sure that our clients are marketing for today and tomorrow, not working off strategies that worked last month or last year. In keeping with the tomorrow part of this, we are fascinated with the possibility of augmented reality.

Why? Because of the local search possibilities. As you will see in the article below, Google Maps is already getting ready to launch augmented reality features. From walking directions that are easier to follow, to enhancements that you give details about what you are looking at, the future benefits are literally endless.

How does this impact a campground, though? Good question. Imagine someone driving down the road and seeing your billboard. Augmented reality could instantly do a search for your campground and display additional content to help them determine if they want to stop. Reviews, photos, store hours, rates, all those things that don’t fit on billboards.

That’s one idea off the top of our heads. It truly is an exciting time to be in marketing, and as technology continues to improve it will only help more people discover your RV park.

Augmented and virtual reality (VR) are entering the trough of disillusionment . Both technologies have been massively hyped but so far, with a couple of exceptions, have largely failed to achieve mainstream adoption. Some analysts argue that VR has performed in accordance with market expectations. But some see a […]

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