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Advertising Your Campground On Instagram

With more than 800 million active users according to Statista, Instagram is one of the hottest social-media platforms around. That’s also why it has become a goldmine for a new generation of campground advertising.

Navigating the world of social-media advertising is a real challenge. However, it remains one of the most important components of a modern marketing strategy. Let’s take a look at what Instagram offers, how it works and how to get started.

What Is Instagram?

Instagram is a social-networking application that helps users share photos from their smartphone faster. Now you can use it to share short videos with your Instagram followers also. Instagram live-streaming videos can last for up to one hour. Otherwise, video posts added to your Instagram profile can last up to one minute, and videos attached to your regular posts can be up to 15 seconds long.

Each Instagram user has a personal account with their profile, which is basically a collection of photo-based posts. You can update your profile by posting your photos and videos. That’s what makes up your news feed. Anyone who follows your account is able to see new posts in their news feed and can interact with them by liking your posts, commenting on them or tagging you and other users. You are able to do the same with their posts based on whom you follow.

In essence, it’s similar to Facebook but has a greater focus on visual posts.

Why Should You Use Instagram Advertising To Promote Your RV Park?

What is the appeal behind advertising your RV park on Instagram? Consider these benefits:

  • You reach a large community.
  • You can focus on your targeted audience to choose who will see your ads.
  • You get fast results.
  • Your advertising impact is easier to track.

Even getting a slim percentage of Instagram’s more than 800 million active users per month to focus on your ad is a home run. You are going to find people from all walks of life on this platform, making it easier to locate the right audience for seniors, teens and all those in between.

Instagram Marketing is so fast that you won’t have to wait around for the advertisement to go up. In some cases, your ad will become live in a matter of minutes. That means you can post last-minute sales and other campaigns as quickly as you need to. Compare this speed to a radio or newspaper ad where you would be waiting for days before things go live.

With everything moving quickly, it has become important to keep up and make use of these options. The Instagram Marketing system is not only quick to approve ads but will also provide a tremendous amount of data on how many clicks you get, how many people you reach and how much you spend. You will be able to keep an eye out on all of this information from day one.

How To Write Ads For Better Instagram Advertising

For those intrigued by the idea of advertising your campground on Instagram, it’s time to move forward and learn how to write ads that work.

Focus on three main things:

1. Maximize your call-to-action statements.

2. Use previous images and videos.

3. Emphasize your strong visual elements.

Remember, Instagram Advertising is all about visuals, and most people want you to woo them with the right image. If your ad doesn’t look good, they will not bother clicking on the link or reading the caption. You have to be smart and understand the user’s psyche as a campground owner. Over time, you will be able to create ads based on the knowledge you’ve gained in the past. This is why Instagram Marketing is fun: It provides data for you to work with. You can continue to see who clicks on your ads, how many people look and how much it costs for every post. This is data that will let you make effective adjustments in minutes.

How To Target Specific Audiences With Instagram Advertising

It’s nice to write great ads and post beautiful images, but how do you target specific people? Your ads are useless if the right people don’t see them.

First, follow relevant hashtags that people use to describe campgrounds and RV parks like yours.

Secondly, look at your competition’s followers. What interests do they show in their Instagram posts that relate to what your business can offer?

Finally, use FaceBook’s Ad Manager to create Instagram ads. This tool helps you to further target specific ages, genders and income brackets. It is best to work your way up with simple mentions to see how the target audience responds.

Let’s imagine you are running an RV park near New York and want to find the right people. You can start by finding outdoor enthusiasts and all related groups in the New York area. Also, look at people who are following your competition in the region. All of these people are your target audience, and you can reach them with something as simple as a mention on your next post.

Here’s How To Start With Instagram Marketing

To advertise your RV park on Instagram:

1) Sign up and link your Instagram account through Facebook’s Ad Manager, which you access using your Facebook account.

2) Choose your objective. Do you want to increase conversions, boost your posts, send people to your website or get video views?

3) Choose your audience by age, income, gender, interests, ethnic affinity and other options.

4) Choose your placement. Make sure to uncheck everything except Instagram!

5) Set your budget amount for the entire campaign.

6) Set your “Optimization for Ad Delivery” based on what you want. Link clicks are ideal.

7) Set your bid amount per click.

8) Set your delivery schedule. You can spread them out throughout the day or post them as soon as possible.

9) Choose your ad and caption. Don’t forget to always add the website URL address!

For more useful tips on the best ways to advertise for your campground or RV park, talk to us at Insider Perks. We’re a full-service agency for digital marketing that knows everything about promoting your campground to the right people.

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