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Custom Surveys For Campgrounds

There is a perception among some campground owners that encouraging more reviews from their guests is a bad thing. It goes hand in hand with the same sentiment that all online reviews are negative or that no one ever has anything good to say. The truth is that the only people who should be hiding from feedback are those who don’t want to improve.

Did you know that over 10% of your local search ranking on Google is based on the reviews you receive from people who have done business with you? That’s the most significant single ranking factor we know about, and it directly impacts your revenue.

So let’s assume for a minute that you are not in the minority. Let’s assume that you want to encourage more feedback because you know your campground is fantastic. It’s not hard to print up a survey or ask people in person to leave a review. The problem is that most people forget and that printed survey doesn’t go anywhere but your desk.

Meet Customer Voice. A way to send automated feedback requests via email based on the lists you already have inside your reservation software. You can customize the pictures, add your logo, change the text, and encourage more reviews from everyone.

It takes a few minutes to get started the first time, but we’ll make sure a Marketing Superhero is in your corner to guide you every step of the way. We’ll even set up the entire thing for you if technology isn’t your thing. Once you are on your way we’ll be here for constant support and sending new requests takes less than five minutes.

Just one more thing. You might have heard how people are opening less and less of their email these days. It could be all the spam, or maybe it’s lack of time. The good news is that Customer Voice now comes with text messaging! That’s right; you can send a quick text message to your guests asking for new reviews now. Ask us how!