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Website Compliance Package



  • Custom accessibility statement for your website. Explain local, provincial, and federal laws surrounding accessibility, demonstrate what you are doing to comply, and cover all other compliance regulations.
  • Best practice guidance/training on compliance We'll do our best to educate you on why we are doing certain things or why they are important and/or required.
  • Widget that allows for accessibility boost. It will appear on all pages of your website and solve some common issues like larger text that cause difficulty.
  • Privacy policy that complies with current/upcoming laws. A privacy policy is required for almost all websites now, this service will make sure you have a comprehensive one.
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Competitive Analysis Package



  • A deep dive into your local competition. Understand what they are doing well, how they are ranking in search, who visits their website, and why.
  • We'll analyze multiple competitors We'll share what they are doing right and what they aren't, giving you opportunities to do something better and win more business from them.
  • We'll look at reviews, social media, and more. See what people are saying about them online, how they rank in search, what they are posting on social media, and how people are reacting to that.
  • You will receive a plan of action on how to win customers from them. A detailed summary with dozens of reports to back it up that shows exactly what you can do to increase your business in the local area.
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