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Why Your Campground Should Want More Reviews

Online Reviews Important

Online reviews are growing more than ever, and that means responding to guests online could not be more critical. Aside from the fact that reviews from customers help others decide whether they should visit a campground or not, reviews are now more prevalent on search results pages—meaning if people are online, they can see what is being said about your RV park.

People rely on reviews: more than 88% incorporate reviews into their purchase decisions (Webrepublic, 2015). With so many review websites out there, where does a campground even begin? If you’re worried about:

  • zero reviews
  • zero recent online reviews
  • negative online reviews
  • or unmanaged online reviews across multiple review websites,

your campground or RV park is missing out. This lack of free online word of mouth is hurting your business through inaction because reputation drives bookings.

1) Reviews and social posts help shape your campground’s online reputation

One of the worst things your campground can do is ignore online reviews and social posts. Mistakes happen—what’s important is that you do what you can to recover from them through responding to mitigate any damage. The most significant mistake your RV park can make is not to participate in the conversations happening about your company online.

2) Reviews provide valuable feedback for your RV park

Whether they are positive or negative, reviews are constructive and useful feedback. They help you see what people think of your RV park and more importantly, how it can be improved. Through reviews, you can see which campground products or services you should be boasting, which need work, and even discover which employees are giving your campground a good reputation.

3) Your campground reviews can now appear in search results

Search engines have caught on to the popularity of reviews and are currently displaying them more prominently. So, if someone searches for your business, there is a chance that reviews from review websites could be viewed on the search engine results pages. In Google’s markup—the annotated content that appears in search—of a company or product, business reviews and ratings can now be included in search results. When a user performs a search, Google will find and possibly display review summaries from online business reviews and consumer ratings. Below is an example of how these reviews show up in search results, right on the first page of a Google search.

How can campgrounds and RV parks get more reviews?

There are a variety of methods you can employ to ask for more reviews, including emailing visitors manually, using surveys, asking visitors to leave reviews with codes and review sites on their receipts, or using review generation software to automate the business review process.

Three crucial review website management tips:

1) Remember to add or claim listings on the top review sites

It’s a good idea to add or claim a listing or business profile on the most popular review sites (especially those your campground can benefit from such as Google, Facebook, and TripAdvisor), correct your listing information and start getting more reviews!

2) Your RV Park should keep asking guests for reviews

Asking the average guest for a review can be hard work. Ask and you shall receive: people are busy and will not remember unless they are asked or reminded to leave feedback.

 3) Guests are more open to leaving reviews on review sites

Why not just ask for campground reviews or testimonials on your website? Well, inviting visitors to leave a review on your RV Park’s website seems a lot more screened and inauthentic than merely asking consumers to leave reviews on a trusted review site. Since the review site is a third party, it feels more open for customers to leave an honest, unbiased review. Additionally, people are more likely to look at reviews from a source they trust.

Reviews are here to stay

There’s no getting away from business reviews. The good news is that there are methods to get more reviews for your campground as well as efficiently managing reviews from guests who choose to stay with you. It’s time to get started encouraging more reviews!

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