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Traditional Advertising Methods For Your RV Park

Marketing Strategy

Although we’re living in the digital age, there is a significant percentage of people 50-and-up who prefer traditional media. Although you may use the internet and social media frequently, your target audience may not.

According to a 2018 Pew Research Study, only 64 percent of people 50-and-up use social media. Less than 38 percent of the 65-and-up demographic use social media. It may also interest you to know that it’s predominantly women who use social media, which means businesses who rely heavily on digital advertising could be missing much of their target audience, particularly men. That’s why we recommend you set aside a portion of your advertising/marketing budget for traditional RV Park marketing strategies.

Why You Should Advertise Your RV Park

Let’s start with the advertising basics. Many business owners believe they only need to advertise a special event or sale. However, the primary purpose of RV Park advertising is to let the general public know you exist, especially since your target audience isn’t from the area. Think about this…

  1. Company A advertises regularly. Company B believes they get enough business via organic means. When a resident in your area has a guest arriving with an RV, where are they most likely to point them if they aren’t an RV owner themselves?
  1. Company A has a billboard coming into town. Company B has a park right at the edge of town. They feel they have the advantage and don’t need a billboard. It’s true the travelers may stop at the first park they find. Or, they may have been impressed by the amenities presented on Company A’s billboard and pass your exit.

Using these traditional advertising methods never hurt anyone, but forgetting about these when it makes sense for your target demographic can definitely impact your RV Park.

Create An Ad Space That Gets Attention

So, you bought ad space. What now? Work with your sales representative to get the best-looking ad in the ideal spot.

Be Unique

What makes you different? Are you only a short walk from the beach? Do you offer private barbecue pits and outdoor furniture at each hookup? Maybe you have added security or newer facilities. Remember, your target audience has choices.

Make It Eye-Appealing

Never overcrowd the space, especially if it’s a billboard. If a traveler wants details, they can always call. Ask the RV Park advertising designer or sales rep to make your ad stand out by using bright colors, a large type, and an interesting image.

Ask For Special Placement

If you purchase an ad in print, ask to be placed in the travel or entertainment section. You may consider purchasing RV Park advertising in the classified section of the newspaper if they have an RV sales/service section.

Where Do Guests Find RV Parks Offline?

RV Parks were popular long before the internet. Here are some tried-and-true ways to be seen by RV enthusiasts.


Road signs are ideal since you’re targeting travelers. Although you only have a few seconds to relay a message on a billboard, be sure to list amenities, like pools, golf courses, clubhouses, spas, fitness centers, horse stables, and dog parks. Let travelers know if it’s an easy entrance/exit off the highway and, of course, what exit to take.


Many travelers pick up a newspaper when they come through an area. Although you may have heard newspapers are losing subscribers, they’re still widely read by your target demographic, and out-of-towners rely heavily on newspapers for information on local entertainment.

Stopping Points

Ask nearby gift shops, restaurants, truck stops, travel centers, motels, and area attractions if you can leave business cards, rack cards or brochures in their place of business. Also, check with your local chamber of commerce or visitors bureau, both of which generally place promotional materials in their lobby.

Post business cards or flyers on bulletin boards at laundry mats. Church bulletin boards are also an excellent place to post a card since members may pass information onto friends coming in from out of town.

Specialty Publications

Advertising in niche publications is a great way to get attention; however, these spaces are sometimes sold at a premium. If you can’t afford ad space, try marketing your business and city to these magazines. They’re always looking for interesting places to feature. Gather rack cards and brochures from the most inviting attractions in your area. Include them, along with an interesting story from your RV Park. Perhaps you hire an Elvis impersonator once a year, and it’s been a huge success for you. This sort of story is what niche publications want to share with readers — and it would be fantastic (and free) RV Park marketing.

It’s also a great idea to start an annual festival of your own. Work hard to create an event that will consistently bring visitors to your campground each year. Consider working with merchants in your area who serve a similar demographic and could benefit equally.

Out-of-Town Festivals

If you live near a festival that gets national attention, it’s a good idea to market yourself in that area. For instance, Bonnaroo is a popular music festival in Manchester, Tennessee. There will be many guides to Bonnaroo published and shared online by the local marketing companies. Seek out these publications and purchase RV Park advertising. Maybe you’re close enough to host festival-goers throughout the event. Perhaps you are located on one of the main roads out of that area. If you really want to get their attention, offer a discount.

RV Park marketing is complex and will require a multi-faceted approach. You may not have enough in the budget to cover every medium, but it’s important to do what you can and know that traditional methods are most effective with your target audience.

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