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Keeping Your Campground Branding Consistent

Creating a brand-centric marketing strategy allows you to shape the way that the public views your company and its products and services. If your company specializes in luxury camping, you don’t want prospective customers, vendors, or potential employees to think that you run a park for primitive tent camping. To let everyone know about your company’s culture and offerings, you’ll need a consistent brand message that’s distributed across the platforms that resonate with your target audience. Here are some benefits of consistent campground branding that you can’t afford to ignore.

Communicates Your RV Park’s Values

Logo design is one of the essential elements of branding. When done correctly, your logo will send a clear message about your campground’s purpose, mission, and values. No other campground offers an outdoor experience quite like yours. Designing a logo for your RV park is an opportunity to show off your park’s distinguishing features that are important to your ideal customer.

In today’s world of information overload, you only have a few moments to capture a potential customer’s attention to convey a branding message. The marketing message must be consistent and packed in a succinct package to be effective. A logo design, brochure, or other print materials that include your brand’s unique color combinations and fonts brings your company’s values front and center without a lot of text. Whether someone sees your logo for a fleeting moment on a billboard or interacts with it for a more extended period through an internet search, he or she will associate the branding with the values of your campground.

Supports Instant Brand Recognition of Your Campground

Marketing professionals agree that a branding message has to be repeated many times before the public recognizes the brand or the message that it tells. If your branding displays different colors on a social media platform than it does on your rack cards, it may take even longer for prospective customers to associate your RV park with your brand.

Branding pairs visual elements in a well-designed logo with text-based slogans to deliver a clear, cohesive message. The branding message makes promises about your offerings that include how a customer should feel after he or she visits your campground. A consistent branding message that you frequently show to the public helps your target audience to establish an emotional connection with your brand the minute that they see your logo.

Establishes Trust in Your Campground

Imagine seeing a series of advertisements for a luxury camping resort that features non-standard branding. You see, one logo for the brand on social media that displays a landscaped flower garden with a hot tub. It looks like a great vacation spot to celebrate your 25th wedding anniversary.

The company has some good reviews from satisfied customers, but you want more information about the facilities to make sure that the resort will meet your needs. After emailing your questions to the camping company directly, you get a response that contains a logo that shows a mud-covered ATV.

Does the campground specialize in luxury outdoor vacations or outdoor adventure travel? Do you trust the company to deliver the indulgent experience that you want for your wedding anniversary?

With a consistent branding message that includes standard colors, fonts, and print materials, you can eliminate this kind of confusion. A consistent brand that tells the same story on multiple communication channels allows the public to trust the message and the company.

Builds Loyalty for Your RV Park’s Products and Services

You’ve done all the right things to position your campground for success. Your RV park amenities are the talk of the town, the campground’s location is scenic, and your employees display as much passion for the business as you do. Word-of-mouth advertising regularly drives traffic to your website that showcases your company branding and slogan. The old saying, “If it’s not broken, don’t fix it” has merit in this scenario.

Your branding is now associated with a camping experience that specific customers enjoy. These loyal customers expect the same campground features and sunny dispositions from staff members every time that they see your branding materials. They follow your logo to book repeat visits and send branded messages to their friends to get them interested in the same vacation experience.

Consistent branding doesn’t mean that your company stays static while others innovate. Publish a brand message that makes a promise to the public. After successfully delivering on your promise, explore new offerings that add depth to that promise.

Cost-Effective Use of Campground Marketing Dollars

Standardized branding delivers solid returns on investment when it comes to marketing your campground on various platforms. When brand recognition is the primary goal of your branding strategy, you’ll want to use a distinct logo and other marketing materials with consistent colors. According to statistics that Forbes published, color can raise brand recognition by 80 percent. When color usage isn’t consistent, you’ll spend more time and money to create the various branding materials, and they’ll be less effective.

As a campground owner, excellent customer service is in your blood, and you likely struggle with trying to be all things to all campers. However, don’t be tempted to send different branding messages on various platforms to catch the eye of customers who aren’t members of your target audience. Inconsistent branding can undo marketing gains that relate to trust, loyalty, and brand recognition. Alternatively, publishing consistent branding messages across all platforms can increase revenues by up to 23 percent.

In Focus

Consistent campground branding delivers value to you and your prospective customers. Standardized logos, colors, and fonts that uniquely tell your name and your slogan help to set expectations about your RV park’s facilities, products, and services. This is the first step to outperforming the competition.

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