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Campground Marketing Strategies

Marketing Strategies For Campgrounds, RV Parks, Outdoor Resorts, Glamping Resorts, and Unique Accommodations

The world of campground marketing is quickly changing. It is rare for a week to pass when Google, Facebook, or Instagram (among dozens of other review sites and social media networks) have not made a change that has the potential to impact your RV park or campground in a huge way.

How Does A Campground Owner Solve These Problems?

How can an RV park even come close to keeping up with all of the changes, updates, new rules, and algorithms that impact how potential customers find campgrounds online and interact with your page or websites?

Among the list of things you need to pay attention to are search engine optimization, social media marketing, social media posts, trade shows, your website, and making sure your marketing efforts follow best practices.

The tourism industry is very competitive, and outdoor recreation has only become more popular in recent years. This means that your own marketing strategies need to be as perfect as possible, provide the best information, and show your potential campers how exciting camping can be when they make a reservation at your RV park.

Hiring A Campground Marketing Agency That Has Experience

Hiring a marketing agency that knows what to do and has a lot of the key pieces in place that will help your RV park grow is a huge advantage. As someone who owns a campground that serves many different campers, you know better than anyone how important marketing and advertising are for growing your business.

A good marketing agency will work with you to understand your customer base, what type of guests you have, analyze your existing website, and create a comprehensive marketing strategy.

This should include ways to building your campground mailing list, your email list, encourage people to use word of mouth to bring in new reservations for your RV park, and present a list of campground marketing ideas that will help your business grow.

Reaching RV Park Customers Using Targeted Approaches

The way you reach people and increase your revenue at your campground or RV park will change based on the city you are in, what activities you offer, the businesses in your area, and what kind of experience you provide.

You might have a schedule packed full of events, one focused on helping people discover the nearby community, or you could be in a destination area that people already want to visit regardless.

Campground marketing is not an easy field, and you need to be ready for any coming changes. Using tools like Facebook and other social media networks as part of your marketing strategy is crucial to your success.

Your customers who love camping and the activities you provide at your campground or RV park can be easily found there.

Combine that with advertising, a great website, fresh ideas, and someone that truly understands the campground industry, and you’ll have a head start on generating more reservations and attracting the right guests.

The world of RV park marketing might be difficult to manage alone. Still, when you take that step and partner with a skilled campground marketing agency, your business will grow, and you can focus more on providing an excellent camping experience for all the people who become your guests.

Campground Marketing Changes All The Time

It is important to remember that the state of the industry changes quickly, so you need to stay at least one step ahead of your competition and outthink them. It offers you the best chance to grow your business using fresh campground marketing ideas while someone walks the path with you and makes sure your social media, website, and so much more are always following the latest best practices that Google wants to see.

The first page or site where people discover your contact information is only one page that they use to make their decision to reserve. Here are a few free tips to get you started on your path to success and provide the best experience for most people.

Campground or RV Park Social Media Is Important

Set up a Facebook page for your campground and use it to share the things you offer, what local events are coming up, the weather on your property, and other information that will interest prospective guests.

If you have more than one type of guest, make sure you have an account for each group and post information relevant to them. Even if you are marketing to the city dwellers, country lovers, or people who have a super active lifestyle with your campground – Your Facebook page, Instagram, Google Maps, search engines, and other social media networks can be the front door to discovering campgrounds.

Campground Website Design Is Critical For Your Success

If you’re going to have a website like almost all RV parks do, make sure it is very well done. You should focus on making it user-friendly for all of your guests and be careful not to include too much information or technical jargon that will turn them away.

For example, rules and policies should be a small part of your website, but people might hesitate to stay at campgrounds or RV parks with too many of these displayed on their website. After all, no one wants to go camping at parks that don’t offer any fun.

Since your campground marketing depends on having an excellent site, you need to take the time to add each section needed to build trust with people looking at it who are unfamiliar with your campground and may be looking for a great place in a certain area near their home or elsewhere.

Be as detailed as possible about what they will find at your park without being overwhelming. This type of information can help you generate more campsite bookings and more business while also giving you an edge over other RV parks nearby that don’t put the same effort into the way they advertise.

Finally, make sure you include a personal touch. Users of your website will always want to see high-quality photos of campgrounds. Keep these updated often, as no one wants to arrive for their camping trip only to find out the photos they were expecting are not the experience everyone has.

In Conclusion

Campgrounds continue to increase in popularity and anything people can find on Google, in brochures, on a sign along the road, or the regular social posts you share are a lot of the reasons they decide to stay with you.

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